Jack Wilson

Jack is currently studying Stage Management at the renowned Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, and if that isn’t demanding enough, he is also a professional Drag Queen.


“I've always been interested in different forms of art over the years. I think it started with a fascination of how the body moved. I loved watching dancers and actors explore how they moved their bodies. I studied acting at school and that was what lead me to working in theatre as a career. I was always good with numbers and logistics so that's why I thought I should be an stage manager, but I needed that extra outlet of creativity so that's how I found Drag.”


“I think the arts are currently tackling some huge internal issues. For instance, the #metoo movement has really started to move performing arts in a better, more accepting direction and I think it's best that this area continues to gather attention and, being a young male in the industry, I feel as though it's my job to implement these new ways of working into the larger industry in Australia.”

“While I still have a year left of my degree, I’m excited at the opportunity to travel to Sydney or London to work professionally in Musical Theatre. I'm also using this next year to build up my drag experience and accessories. This involves getting more costumes and wigs together so that when I arrive in my new place I'll be able to join the local drag scene and do a few shows regularly. Eventually if I wanted to combine these two passions of mine I think it would be a really fun experience to manage Australian drag tours!”

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INTERVIEWED BY: Caitlin Paroczai