Charlotte Otton

Charlotte Otton is an emerging, unapologetic powerhouse of the Perth theatre scene. The multi award-winning performer will perform in The Last Great Hunt’s upcoming show PERPETUAL WAKE and is about to re-open her show Feminah: The Second Coming!, we go to talk to her briefly about her love of devising theatre.

Above: Feminah as part of Fringe World 2019

Above: Feminah as part of Fringe World 2019

“I love to partake in a number of art forms, including contemporary theatre, music, comedy and improvisation. I love making work that includes all of the above, but I’m also really excited to branch out a bit and start making work that makes me uncomfortable. “

“I bloody love escapism and daydreaming. My mind is constantly drifting and playing. I can’t pinpoint what made me fall in love with creating, but I know the love for it has always been there. My fierce and creative Grandma, Sonja, brought art into my life when I was a really young so that definitely wore off on me.“

Charlotte describes Feminah: The Second Coming! as the “power pussy ballad of your dreams”.

After a sold out, triple award-winning Fringe World season earlier this year; Feminah is back for two nights only! This time it’s bigger, better and with 50% more tit. Feminah is a power-balled for women wanting to unleash the beast within and let her wreak havoc. Witness the marriage of vulgarity and femineity and the birth of one fed-up bitch.

- The Blue Room Theatre

“Before I take Feminah interstate, my plans for the next year include a show called PERPETUAL WAKE with TLGH which I’m very excited about! After my tour I’ll stay in Sydney to do a small development with Adriane Daff and then apart from a few applications submitted; next year is a mystery to me. I would love to do more music, maybe make a band…who knows.”

Also, make sure to catch Charlotte Otton at The Last Great Hunt’s upcoming show PERPETUAL WAKE on 28 August - 7 September at Subiaco Arts Centre. In this hilarious new work, the award-winning writers behind THE ADVISORS, FAG/STAG, GIRL SHUT YOUR MOUTH and MINNIE & MONA PLAY DEAD plunge the audience into a surreal and shadowy wilderness of truth, lies, and psychological revenge.

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 INTERVIEWED BY: Caitlin Paroczai