Help us on our mission to transform Western Australia into a place where young people can achieve their creative potential.

We invite you to support Propel Youth Arts WA, Western Australia’s peak body for youth arts by making a contribution to our individual giving program.  

As a non-profit organisation, Propel relies on your support to develop innovative programs and projects for young people to engage in the arts. You can choose to donate to a specific project or program, or provide a general donation that will go towards assisting Propel to develop new initiatives or expand on existing ones.

All donations to Propel over $2 are tax deductible.

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If you would like more information or would like to discuss your donation, please contact Acting Executive Director, Jamie McGleave on 08 9328 5855 or email

Current Propellers

Adam Parsonage
Adam Sallur
Aidan Gordon
Alexa Taylor
Alexander Jenkins
Ali Martin
Alison Kwok
Alison Rodrigues
Amy Johnston
Andy Hutchinson
Angela Chambers
Ann O’Dea
Annmarie Byrne
Azmi Johari
Bart Verwilligen
Bek Smith
Ben Shee
Bonnie Tessa Davies
Bri Zammit
Bridget Le May
Bub Ble Maynard
Cait Gordon
Carolyn Auton
Cassie Vagliviello
Cecile Vuaillat
Chris Donnelly
Craig Comrie
Daniel Strickland
Darcy Maxwell
Elizabeth Nguru
Emma Poletti
Fabiola Silva
Finn O'Branagáin
Gemma Robins
George Perini
Georgia Foulkes-Taylor
Georgia King
Georgia Smith
Goya Zheng
Grace Vagliviello
Hannah Ratcheson
Hannah Strout
Harriet Roberts
Ilse Curic
Irene Jarzabek
Irma McCullen
Jamie McGleave
Janine Helliwell (Doubleview Primary School)
Jarrad Seng
Jarryd Dobson
Jaz Cappeau
Jean Perkins
Jennifer Stritzke
Jessica Harlond-Kenny
Jessica Yates
Johanna Borger
John Carvajal

Julie Petersen
Julie-Anne McGuinness
Jysae Hair
Kaleb McKenna
Kathryn Osborne
Kayla MacGillivray
Krista Tanuwibawa
Kristopher Brown
Laura Perini
Laura Simes
Libby Klysz
Lisa Wallace
Lorraine Pestell
Madi Brown
Marie Molloy
Mark Storen
Marty Cunningham
Matilda Clare Testoni
Matthew McVeigh
Maureen Maher
Max Ungar
Monique Douglas
Nicola Flaherty
Nicole Petersen
Paul Maietta
Philip Raymont
Ragen Haythorpe
Richard Goodwin
Richie Longbottom
Rosealeen Tamaki
Roslyn Park
Russell Loasby
Ryan Adair
Sally Dare
Sam Stopforth
Sarah Boyle
Sarah Nelson
Sarah Vagliviello
Sarah Weber
Sean O’Dea
Sha Robertson
Sian Roberts
Sophia Gilet
Stuart Reid
Susannah Day
Tegan Morey
Tehani Payton
Teresa Izzard
Tessa Antonelli
Tessa Guastavino
The Cutting Room Floor
Thom Smyth
Thomas Spencer Waterhouse
Tia Adie
Tif Flynn
Wanjie Song
Zoe Bloor