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I Feel Fine

Image: Nicolee Fox and Tim Meakins

Image: Nicolee Fox and Tim Meakins


Some days we get overwhelmed. We look at the state of the world and it’s just too hard. Rising sea levels, unpredictable weather, plastic lined coffee cups. All these problems and, to top it off, our air conditioners keep faltering in the heat.

Don’t worry; we’ve got the answer for you.

Welcome to the church of the Anthropocene; a place to repair our relationship with the world. It’s time to shake off your climate-shame, sing, dance, pray, and sip a little wheatgrass.

I Feel Fine is a new project from award-winning performance collective public service announcement that invites you to experience a pop-gospel extravaganza that will leave you reborn.

AGES: 15+

PRICE: $20 – $30 inc. booking fee

TIME: 7:00PM


Warnings: Smoke Machine/Hazer

Writer & Director: Zachary Sheridan

Producer: Erin Lockyer

Performer & Sound Designer: Jacob Diamond

Performer & Sound Designer: Isaac Diamond

Projection Designer/Collaborator: Zal Kanga-Parabia

Costume Designer & Set Consultant: Kaitlin Brindley

Set Designer & Builder: Jessee Lee Johns

Lighting Designer & Stage Manager: Jasmine Lifford

Performer: Amelia Burke

Performer: Kylie Bywaters

Performer: Simone Detourbet

Assistant Director: Elise Wilson

Publicist: Zoe Hollyoak

Dramaturge: Renee Newman

Collaborator: Elizabeth Bills