Meet the KickstART Festival Day Market Stallholders

Enjoy the energy and excitement as you explore over fifty stalls showcasing emerging artists, designers, community groups, arts organisations, youth service providers and delicious food trucks at the KickstART Markets. Plus there will be plenty of other free activities to discover throughout the day.

Find beautiful handmade and original wares, including jewellery, fashion, homewares, stationery, artworks and more! You’ll also have access to information, advice and giveaways from youth service providers and community groups. Market stalls line the Urban Orchard in a celebration of the artistic and organic nature of Perth’s youth-run local businesses.

The Youth Week WA KickstART Festival is presented by Propel Youth Arts WA and is funded by the State Government of Western Australia. The KickstART Festival is also supported by Lotterywest and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.

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Abz Art.jpg

Abz Art

I have been a full-time freelance illustrator for the past 2 years, with my works usually being in the realm of cartoons, fantasy and fan art. I also love drawing and painting animals and plants. My goal is to one day have my own published childrens book.

Adam Goldman.png

Adam Goldman

I am a local Graphic Designer/Illustrator. My goal is to start up a new business/brand focusing on low brow styled illustration and apparel.

Alana Williamson.jpg

Alana Williamson

I am an artist, graphic designer and animator with certificates in graphic design, multimedia and animation from TAFE. I have a passion for creating interesting and creative illustrations in both traditional and digital mediums. My designs are mainly inspired by nature with most of my illustrations containing animals or animal inspired creatures. My aspirations are to create designs that bring joy, intrigue and colour to people’s lives and to share my love of nature and art. 

Anastasia Somas.jpg

Anastasia Somas

I am self taught.

04 Baolicious.jpg


Baolicious is to bring back the handcrafted gua bao, combining various fusion styles of fillings with a modern twist, which will definitely trigger the taste bug of yours! We hope you will enjoy the love we put into our dishes.



I grew up in the Kimberley. A place where a slight lack in youth arts opportunities is replaced by amazing colours and textures to inspire.

Recycling is a huge passion of mine and I’m currently designing a garment for Wearable Art Mandurah made with old phone wire and fly screen. Anything could happen! 

05 Con Pebre.jpg

Con Pebre

Con Pebre has taken over La Fuente' s famous food truck. We will be providing popular Chilean street food to the public with friendly, attentive service. We use the best passed down recipes to provide authentic Chilean flavours and create quality dishes.


CREATE Foundation

CREATE Foundation is the national consumer body representing the voices of children and young people with an out-of-home care experience (including kinship care, foster care and residential care).

eeka illustration1.jpg

eeka illustration

I love using illustration as a lens to motivate me to continually see the world, to look for small quiet moments and details of people and places. I have a keen interest in recording everyday moments in time, translating and extrapolating from daily experiences visually and using illustration as a second memory.


Élan Dance Est

Élan is beyond just dance. It’s a culture. Our tribe accepts and celebrates each other’s flaws. Together we wear our flaws as armor to fight against the status quo. At Élan, everyone is welcome. And everyone can dance. Promise.

Let’s get you dancing today within a stress-free, fun orientated and welcoming environment.

Elephants, Tigers & Bears.jpg

Elephants, Tigers and Bears

I am a WAAPA trained costume student with experience in construction, design, pattern drafting, art finishing and millinery. My goal is to establish Elephants, Tigers and Bears as a leading clothing brand in Perth and enable others to make their own clothing.


Fidget and Shy

Fidget and Shy is the corporate persona of 2 Rag-doll cats living in Perth. Their human designate Carrissa loves the magic of art - turning simple items into beautiful events. At Fidget and Shy, we make sure that each paper flower is made with the same love and attention that is lavished on our cats. Each petal is either carefully painted by hand, or dyed with colours found straight from roses. From the first stages of petal-cutting, to finally assembling unique blooms into statement headpieces, rings, earrings and bouquets, you can be sure of a personal touch being there every step of the way. 


Freedom Fairies

Freedom Fairies is about creating moments of magic; inspiring a world of wonder; encouraging joyful inspiration and play. We create spectacles that inspire the imagination.

Gabby Loo.jpg

Gabby Loo

I am an emerging artist, curator and workshop coordinator of Belonging. In my artistic practice I am currently focusing on autobiographical self-expression through drawing and comics. Last year I graduated from a Fine Arts major at UWA and began engaging in community arts through Belonging. In the future I hope strengthen our culturally diverse creative community and find more ways for their art and stories to be shared. 



Cultivating youth culture and voice in Perth, GOSHI is a platform run by young people for young people. A space for art, poetry, film makers, bands, clothing brands and rants, GOSHI runs across mediums such as online and a zine to express the talent of youth in Perth and provide help and inspiration for those in need.

02 Greek Streats.jpg

Greek Streats

The legendary George's Kebabs from Curtin University have gone mobile! Presenting Greek Streats, serving up traditional souvlakia and much more.


Hello Mr Badger

We are a weeny company of two. We take pride in the fact that all watches have been personally sourced from hundreds of little old trunks hidden in London. All pieces of the Hello Mr Badger collection have been hand designed and created here in Perth. Hello Mr Badger encourages individualism, thus we endeavour to ensure that each piece of the collection is completely unique.

006_Helping Minds.jpg

Helping Minds

Our job is to support anyone that is experiencing mental health distress.

This includes both the person that is experiencing mental health issues as well as their family and friends who are providing support both emotionally or practically.

We understand that talking to someone can be very difficult, but we are here to listen and to provide you with emotional and practical supports that will help find the best solution for all of you.

03 The Herbivan.jpg

The Herbivan

Our mission is to promote and inspire healthy, conscious eating by delivering you with a plant based alternative that satisfies the taste buds and doesn't cost the earth.

Hien Le.jpg

Hien Le

My passion is Art and Architecture. I am excited by the intersection of design and creative expression. I love the process of bringing ideas to life and making them tangible, and am almost at the finishing line of my Bachelor of Commercial Interior Design, majoring in Visual Art and Commercial/Residential Interior Design.  

My goal is to continue producing artwork people love; learn and develop my knowledge and skills; and build a prosperous design business.



Kukomise is a little Japanese inspired handmade gift business whose goal is to spread smiles to as many people as possible! No matter how little, if we made you smile in any way, then you have granted our small wish! 


I’d Rather Wear Roses

I’ve been making flower crowns of sorts all my life but a couple of years ago I decided to share the joy of making them with others by teaching empowering flower crown workshops. I hope my flower crown workshops inspire people to be more creative and connect to nature in their everyday lives.

01 La Caretta.jpg

La Carreta

La Carreta began as a dream in 2014, when a Colombian-Australian couple threw caution (and their jobs) to the wind and spent a year travelling the globe. After some months in Colombia eating the food Juan grew up with, the decision was made: to open a Colombian–Latin American food truck in Perth. Back in Perth, La Carreta was finally launched in late 2016.

On board the La Carreta truck, original Colombian recipes are transformed into creations that suit the Australian palate, with the backbone of Latin-American flavours.



I love working with bright colours, bold patterns and faces to create my original watercolour illustrations. Last year I made some prints of my work, set up an Etsy store and participated in three Perth-based markets. My goal is to continue growing as an artist and get to know other young creatives.


Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation

The Leeuwin Foundation is a trusted not-for-profit organisation based in Fremantle. Since 1986 we have welcomed more than 40,000 young people onboard the STS Leeuwin II. The STS Leeuwin II is Western Australia’s very own tall ship, a unique three-masted 1850’s style barquentine. A Youth Explorer Voyage onboard will lift a student to the next level and ensure they are given the edge to enter the workplace with the best opportunities available to them.

Leia & Lolo’s.jpeg

Leia & Lolo’s

Leia and Lauren are an art student duo that create works exploring themes of young womanhood, suburban life and feminism.

Lorraine Angelina Designs.png

Lorraine Angelina Designs

Graduating with a degree in economics and management I decided to turn my hobby into a business last year which allowed me to share my love for drawing with everyone. I am inspired by animals, nature and the universe which features a lot in my art. I take something "normal" and add my own twist to it usually combining nature/universe with an animal. My style is quite intricate with a lot of line, shading and stippling always in black and white which I feel brings another dimension to my work.

Lotus Floristry.PNG

Lotus Floristry

I have a passion for art and nature and recently enrolled in a certificate III in Floristry at south metropolitan TAFE. I hope to incorporate my creative art skills and love of nature to make accessible artworks and floral arrangements so I can share natures beauty with the public. 

Mathilde Wurm.jpg

Mathilde Wurm

Having recently graduating from high school, where my creative studies were largely centered around graphic design, I have begin to establish my own arts practice exploring various mediums and methods but largely working with stitch, fabric and garment, and drawing inspiration from the natural world, organic shapes, and the human form.

004_Kids Maker.jpg

Maker Kids Club

We help school age kids (6-17 years old) launch their own micro-businesses. We also coordinate market opportunities for them. Our kidpreneurs learn to be entrepreneurs. Along the way they gain important skills for work and life, such as financial management.

megan baker art.jpg

Megan Baker

I am currently studying art at curtin university. Art is my passion and I have been creating since I was very young. When I got sick I really had to focus and use my energy for what really mattered and I found art was always what I chose to do.
My style is playful and bright. I love creating fun characters and exploring themes that are personal in my art. I enjoy exploring life with chronic illness, being a member of the lgbtia community and other themes but I also enjoy just creating simple aesthetically pleasing pieces with plants and fish.

Merinda Designs.png

Merinda Designs

I am a graphic designer by trade specializing in branding, but I want to try my hand at creating my own products. I have ideas for very quirky items that aim to amuse people everyday. My goal is to rely on my creativity for all my financial needs.

Miss Moss' Terrariums.JPG

Miss Moss' Terrariums

I have undertaken a couple years of architecture but later left university to then work in the family business of gardening and landscaping, combining the knowledge gathered over that time I have later discovered the art of terrariums. Initially making them for my own enjoyment, later for friends, followed by friends of friends, the business was a gradual transition.



Oaktree is young people leading a movement to end poverty. For us, change starts with a simple belief - that extreme poverty is unacceptable. Beliefs turn into action, and enough informed action will end extreme poverty in our lifetime. Oaktree is one of Australia's largest youth-run organisation with over 150,000 supporters. Join us.

Olivia Monte.png

Olivia Monte

An intense love of my artistic craft and expression is at the heart of everything I create, and my goal is to share my intimately-made creations - large and small scale - with the community. I work from my home studio in Perth. My background in landscape architecture and primary education influences my artistic themes of rejuvenation, nature, heritage and highlighting the whimsical aspects of everyday life. I am passionate about creating environmentally sustainable, up-cycled art. I love painting, drawing, embossing, collage, inking and especially pyrography. I often combine this rich range of media to create highly textured, vibrant pieces. 

Policies and Procedures.jpeg

Policies and Procedures

We were born at the beginning of our lives. We are pretty good artists - our mums agree. We also funny, like really freaking hilarious 😂 you should meet us. Also we focus our products on self love and self care.

Rosamery Design

My design derives from nature-inspired elements. I pays utmost attention to the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship. What makes Rosamery Design extraordinary is the immense effort we put into deliberately selecting the top preserved flowers and plant materials, metallic foils cleverly mixed with UV resin.

Sarah Carey.jpg

Sarah Carey

I have had a fascination with visual art throughout my life. Consequently, I have undertaken a number of short art courses to advance my artistic skills, as well as for the enjoyment of immersing myself in art. My aim is to experiment with a range of mediums and expand my creations to transport my passion and creative ideas to the public through objects of desire. I am striving to develop my dreams and ideas to begin a journey of combining art with my future career. 

Sarah Ponton Illustration.jpg

Sarah Ponton Illustration

I am a Perth based Illustrator, I aspire to make colourful, imaginative artwork that appeals to both adults and children.

Skye's Designs.jpeg

Skye's Designs

I am a 16 year old student who is a mandala art, boho and coastal folk music lover… when combined together I can spend hours on end designing, drawing/painting unique one of a kind pieces of art. Skye’s Designs came about after I decided to share my hobby with others to enjoy in their homes at an affordable price.



I am a creative writing graduate, so my work takes a lot of inspiration from classic and modern literature, as well as pop culture. I often draw vintage collectibles such as cameras, typewriters, toys, and sewing machines. My preferred medium is watercolour and pen, which I use in a rather illustrative style.



I have always been passionate about art and craft. I gave a stall with Propel markets in 2017 as well and found it very exciting. My inspiration has been anything and everything around me, from the subtlety of nature to the complexity of human mind. I love pouring colours and giving my thoughts a shape, and thats exactly why I love painting and sharing my pieces with others on a platform like this.

Stirling Skills.jpg

Stirling Skills Training

Stirling Skills Training commenced operations in 1974 as a youth development agency, founded by Thelma Gorton at Scarborough as "The Place". Over the last 30 years Stirling Skills Training has evolved into a reputable, quality provider of innovative training programs and traineeships to over 3,000 people per year.While maintaining the original ethos of service provision as Thelma and her colleagues, Stirling Skills Training continues to capitalise on state of the art 'in situ' adult training strategies, adult learning techniques, and the latest research.

The Gallery J.JPG

The Gallery J

The story behind The Gallery J is mainly the implementation of diverse skills into unique products. Like an art gallery, my brand offers jewelry, flower frames and floral pouches for the KickstART Festival. All my products are lovingly made in Australia and i am so grateful to everyone who made this possible.

Re-Fashion Project.jpg

Re-Fashion Project

We love sewing, being creative and op-shopping! We also have a passion for the environment and recycling and so what better than to combine the two. Turning unwanted clothing into something new helps to slow down fast fashion and prevents landfill. 

Toe The Line.jpg

Toe The Line

At Toe The Line we decided that the humble black sock lacked the class and personality of the modern young adult. From here, stemmed the inspiration for Toe the Line. As current students, we also saw a great opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge that we have learnt in our commerce degrees at UWA.



I have been making art for as long as I can remember, my style inspirations are eclectic ranging from bugs,horror,punk to cute,pretty and pop and general inspirations are Perth artists, pop culture and queer culture. I really want to further my art as a “brand” and do more art, band merch/art and weird stuff!


Women Over Waste

A newly created business that’s grown from seeds of ideas - formed and nurtured over a few years and now putting down roots. We are environmental educators, researchers, facilitators and sustainability practitioners, and passionate and experienced with connecting with people of all ages.

Zachary Tilghman.jpg

Zachary Tilghman

I am a self taught photographer with an obsession with analog technology. I am a High School Teacher and I am inspired by people who are actually passionate about what they are into - no matter what may me, arts or otherwise. My goals are to simply get my work out there, and hopefully inspire someone else to inspire themselves - and to hopefully make something! 


The Youth Week WA KickstART Festival 2018 is presented by Propel Youth Arts WA, and is funded by the State Government of Western Australia. The KickstART Festival is also supported by Lotterywest and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.

All enquiries can be directed to hello@propel.org.au or 08 9328 5855.

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