Finding Venues

Whether you’re an artist or arts worker, chances are somewhere along the way you are going to need to find a venue for a project, business or other venture.

Finding a suitable can be a challenge, especially when you have to consider a mix of variables such as cost, location, size, and preferred working arrangements. Read on to find a summary of the types of venues you may wish to consider in your search, including options for developing, selling, exhibiting or performing your craft.


Working out of a studio space can be a great way to further your practice; however, there are some considerations to make before committing to a studio.

If you enjoy working around other people then a shared studio can be a great way to get to know other local creatives.  It may even lead to new collaborations, learning opportunities and all sorts of great outcomes! On the flip side – if you feel as though you need to have a space that is entirely your own without having to deal with the minefield that sharing space can often be, then perhaps you should look into finding a studio space of your own.

Before deciding to rent a studio space consider the following:

What can you afford? 

What are the rental costs of a studio space, independent or shared? If you rent a space you need to be committed to using it regularly so that you aren’t wasting money. A shared space might be cheaper due to split costs, but you and your studio-mates must be willing to contribute to the space equally.

Where do you work best? 

Do you like being able to bounce ideas off others and have a chat throughout the day or will you find other people working near you too distracting?

Are you prepared for this working environment?

A shared studio is a functioning work environment, and while it can (and should) be fun, everyone is there to create and be productive. Think carefully about the people you will be sharing a space with. You want your work environment to be a positive one, so make sure you get along well with everyone in the space.

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