Propel Internship Programs

Propel is offering a range of internships in 2018 and 2019, offering entry-level work experience, professional development and mentoring to help young people aged between 16 and 26 to kickstart their pathways into arts and event management career.

There are two subprograms that prospective interns can apply for:

  1. Youth Week WA KickstART Festival Internships

  2. Project Based Internships

Successful interns will receive direct mentoring from Propel staff, have a unique insight into the inner workings of a not-for-profit arts organisation and can expect to develop valuable networks within the Western Australian arts sector, while assisting with the implementation of Propel projects. Furthermore all interns will receive formal reference letters, upon request, once the internship period is finalised. 

Intern placements last for an agreed time – which usually equates to 8 hours or 1 day per week – over a 3-6 month period, and are aimed at tertiary students requiring the placement as a compulsory component of their studies. We do also encourage applications from young people who are not currently studying.

Youth Week WA KickstART Festival Internships


Propel is offering four internship opportunities for the Youth Week WA KickstART Festival, in the following positions:

Marketing Intern (6 months, November 2019 until April 2020)

Project Development Intern (6 months, November 2019 until April 2020)

Programming Intern (6 months, November 2019 until April 2020)

All successfully appointed interns will be expected to work in the Propel office at least 1 day / 8 hours per week, which may increase during the KickstART Festival, which will be held during April 2020. Our interns will be aged between 16 - 26, have a passion for the arts or a willingness to learn about the industry, have high level communication skills and have a positive attitude towards work and the arts environment.

Interviews for 6-month term interns will be held in October 2019

Interviews for 3-month term interns will be held in January 2020

Project Based Internships (excluding KickstART Festival)

Propel is always on the look out for new and enthusiastic interns to provide extra assistance in the office on various projects including but not limited to the Sketchbook Project, MOSAIC and Amplifier.

The duration for these internships are up to 3-months long depending on the project. Interviews will be conducted intermittently with only those who have submitted an expression of interest.

The position of the successful applicant will be tailored based on their current skills and experience, with the aim to build upon existing and develop new skills by the conclusion of the internship period.

Submit an expression of interest

Please fill out the EOI form via the button below. You will need to provide a current CV and a 1 page cover letter outlining why you would like to be an intern with Propel and what you can bring to the organisation. You should receive a confirmation email once you have completed the form.

Please note: while all applications will be reviewed and considered, we cannot guarantee an interview with everyone that applies.

If you experience any difficulties submitting the form or have any further questions regarding the internship program please email Project Development Officer Cecile Vuaillat at or call 08 9328 5855.

Propel Youth Arts WA is an equal opportunity provider and encourages all individuals to apply regardless of their sex, race, disability, religion or sexual identity.

Top tips to land an interview and succeed!

*as suggested by Propel Staff

330_KICKSTART FESTIVAL_20170408.jpg

1) Be confident – It’s the little things such as being assertive in your cover letter and making eye contact during your interview that makes the difference. Note: don’t turn confidence into cockiness

2) Communicate what you want – Employees want to help you just as much as you want to help them, make sure you identify what you want out of the job so that expectations are set early on.

3) Do your research on the organisation – Nothing is more impressive than an applicant who is able to talk enthusiastically about the organisations values or key initiatives.

4) Have a positive attitude – Be friendly and reciprocate with the people who are interviewing you, they may be your future colleagues after all!

5) Make yourself comfortable – During an interview try to make yourself as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Arrive early to familiarise yourself with the environment, drink water if it is offered, participate in small talk to break the ice and don’t fidget during the interview.

6) Prepare to sell yourself – You need to convince the interviewer(s) why they should hire you over every other person they are interviewing that day, what is it that makes you unique, what can you give to the organisation, what can you do to make yourself memorable?

Bonus Tip: Apply for a position even if you think you are under qualified or if it might not be 100% suited to you. Why? First and foremost the organisation you are applying for will keep your CV on file regardless and may contact you if something more appropriate pops up. Secondly the more practice you can get to write cover letters and more experience you can get in an interview environment the better! - your dream job might be just around the corner and you want to be ready for it.