Marketing is important to any business, as it is used to create and communicate the value of your products and services to consumers.

In a world where products and services are short lived and consumers are savvy and well connected, it is more important than ever to have a good understanding of marketing and its processes.

This section will give you a brief introduction into the world of marketing and get you thinking about how you can sell your products and services in the most effective and creative way.

Marketing: a brief introduction

Marketing describes a range of processes which are used to create and communicate the value of your products and services to consumers. Marketing encompasses a range of activities; from advertising and promotion to market research and product development. Not all activities discussed in this section will be relevant to your arts business, and some marketing strategies may be omitted that you wish to pursue.

Use this discussion to consider the broad spectrum of marketing processes and focus on those that will help you to communicate the value of your artistic products or services.

You may find, as you read through this section, that your marketing strategy is relevant to many facets of your arts business planning and vice-versa. For this reason, your marketing plan will be most effective when it is developed and used in integration with your business plan.  

Like all of your strategic documents, your marketing plan can be changed or altered according to your business needs and fluctuations so don’t be afraid of writing something down you may need to revise at a later date.


Products and Services

In this marketing module we often refer to ‘Products and Services’.  

Products are tangible expressions of your own artistic output. For example, your product may be a painting, dress, CD or photograph.

Services are intangible artistic activities. Your service may be playing a gig, running a workshop, or performing at a show.

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