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Moonboorli (Beyond)

If you think science is just sterile labs and white coats, it’s time to take a step beyond!

Moonboorli (Beyond) was a special free event and a gathering place for culture, ideas, knowledge and storytelling, held at the State Library of WA on Saturday 10 August 2019. If you attended this event, we would love to know what you thought of it so we can continue to make improvements into the future, so please consider filling in the below survey.

Moonboorli (Beyond) is a National Science Week WA Co-ordinating Committee initiative presented by Propel Youth Arts WA and supported by the Australian Government through Inspiring Australia as part of National Science Week. National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology, and an opportunity to meet scientists, discuss the hot topics, do science and celebrate its cultural and economic impact on society. National Science Week 2019 will run from 10-18 August. Find out more about National Science Week at scienceweek.net.au.

All enquiries can be directed to hello@propel.org.au or 08 9328 5855.

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Theme: Carers of Everything

As shared by Dr Noel Nannup OAM

“The people were now ready to perform their sole purpose of being, to care for everything.”

Carers of Everything is about the creation of all living things, the creation of the earth and the people who are responsible for caring for everything. It is a fundamental story based here in the South West of WA, that shares knowledge (kaatijin) around astronomy, biology, environmental systems, geography, ways of being, and history of the country on which we stand.

This knowledge has been passed on by some of the world’s first scientists. Click below to read a transcript of the Carers of Everything story.

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