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Lineage Portraits: Call for Volunteers

Lineage Portraits

Lineage Portraits is a photographic series, that aims to capture the people and spaces that form Perth’s identity. This series is part of Emma Fishwick’s DCA Arts Fellowship and conceptually is interested in the Lineage/history of identity and space.

The organisers are seeking participants of any age, including singles, couples and families. You don’t need to be a local or an Australian citizen. To participate you will need to spare an hour of your time and have a space (room, office or bus stop etc.) that reflects who you are.

If this sounds like something you, or someone you know would like to take part in please get in touch with the organisers via the details below. This is a volunteer project so is unpaid. In return for your time you will be offered a single copy of your portrait and an invitation to any exhibition that may eventuate from this project.



Emma Fishwick is a multi-discipline artist. Based in Perth since 2007 her practice spans Dance, New Media and Photography. Fionn Mulholland is a photographic and film artist based in Perth, Australia. Living half his life in Australia, and the other in Ireland has provided him with a unique view point from which to create his art. His work aims to show the commonalities between people, allowing people to see others without consideration for their race, creed, social standing or gender.



If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact Emma at or Fionn at