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The Brain From Planet X Auditions

  • Phoenix Theatre 435 Carrington St Hamilton Hill, WA, 6163 Australia (map)
A comedy musical presented by Phoenix Theatre Inc and Dark Psychic Productions 

A comedy musical presented by Phoenix Theatre Inc and Dark Psychic Productions 

A hilarious musical send-up of 50’s sci-fi movies. A Brain and his two alien cohorts arrive on Earth with a plan to take over the San Fernando Valley starting with a happy nuclear family. This rousing, toe-tapping musical features a dancing, singing brain ... what more could you want from a musical?

Director - Ryan S McNally
Musical Direction - Krispin Maesalu
Choreography - Jayde Clark
Assistant Director - Rebecca Coutts-Smith
Assistant Choreographer - Kate Lloyd


AUDITION DATE: Sunday 25th May 2014 9am-5pm - You will only be required for an hour during your booked time.

AUDITION VENUE: Phoenix Theatre - Memorial Hall - 435 Carrington Street, Hamilton Hill WA 6163

REHEARSALS: Start Sunday 8th June 2014 and run Sunday 1-5pm, Monday 7-9.30pm & Wednesday 7-9.30pm each week. Not all cast will be required at every rehearsals.

SHOW DATES: 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th, 26th & 27th September 2014 at 8pm
21st September 2014 at 2pm

BOOK YOUR SPACE: Email this link or call 0422 394 749 to receive your audition pack with the additional information and your audition time for the day.


The Brain (M) (18-50) Intelligent and often over the top alien brain.
Yoni (F) (18-30) Our sexually frustrated female alien
Zubrick (M) (18-30) Our closeted, brown nose of an alien
Donna (F) (15-20) Good Girl Gone Bad! The Daughter of Fred and Joyce and Girlfriend of Rod
Fred (M) (30-50) Husband of Joyce and often Happy and Preppy. He is a man of science
Joyce (F) (30-50) Wife of Fred. Loving and Doting perfect house wife of the 50’s

Narrator (M) (18-50) Our 'Mr Movie Phone' narrator of the story.
Rod (M) (15-25) Boyfriend of Donna and poet
Professor Leader (M) (40-60) Our never wrong professor

General Mills (M) (30-50) In charge of containing the alien invasion.
Private Parts (M) (30-50) General Mills support and side kick.
Townspeople (F/M) (Any) Our Towns People and awesome ensemble with various personalities.
Newscasters (F/M) (Any) Feature Ensemble delivering the latest news.
Aliens (F/M) (Any) *Dance ability: Tap Will feature heavily in one song and double as ensemble.

*Please note that these are stage ages only and not all roles require dancing and singing ability. 


Visit the Facebook event page. Take a look Phoenix theatre page or Dark Psychic Productions page.