Pop-Up Shop

Selling your wares in a pop-up shop may be a much more affordable than running a permanent shop front, especially when you first start out.

A pop up shop is a space that is leased out to individuals or collectives temporarily. Whether you develop your own pop up shop or get involved in a collective; pop-up spaces can be a very effective way to sell your work.

If you see a space for lease, or are searching for a temporary space in a specific area, you can approach local council and local real estate agents to assist you. The cost of rent in some spaces can be relatively cheap if you are filling the time between tenants moving in or if the space is underutilised.

Once the legal and occupational health and safety issues have been sorted out then you could find yourself with a temporary shop-front from which to sell your work and further promote your practice or creative business. With lower overhead costs and no long-term commitment, a pop-up shop is a great way to have a peek into the retail world and see if it works for you.

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