We are a small team with our own individual quirks but together we have big aspirations for creative young people in Western Australia. Here's a little bit of information about us!


Jamie McGleave

General Manager | (08) 9328 5855

Currently working as General Manager at Propel Youth Arts WA, the peak body for youth arts in Western Australia, Jamie has been entrenched in Perth’s creative sector for over 15 years and has taken on various roles as arts practitioner and arts worker.

Upon completing Bachelors of Arts in Performance Studies at Curtin University and Arts Management at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Jamie spent nine years in venue management and logistical roles at His Majesty’s Theatre, the State Theatre Centre of WA and the Perth International Arts Festival, Jamie also worked as Communications & Development Manager at STRUT Dance, where he had significant input in the changes and rebranding of that organisation as a national entity.

Jamie enjoys working at Propel more than any other job he’s ever had, because he believes our cultural sector needs more support for the amazing young and emerging creative people he meets on a daily basis.

Jamie’s pronouns are he / him.


Cecile Vuaillat

Project Coordinator | (08) 9328 5855

Cecile began as an intern at Propel as the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2016 KickstART Festival and is still pinching herself to have been given the opportunity to develop a career with such a wonderful organisation. Upon graduating the Arts Management course at WAAPA in 2015, she has acquired a diverse portfolio of administration and event management experience in a variety of Performing Arts companies including Perth Theatre Company, West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Perth Festival and Co3 Dance Company

Now 24, Cecile identifies as an arts and baking nerd but is also extremely passionate about providing access for young people to engage in the arts, as well as to provide support to young artists and arts workers to develop their careers. She is the gal to chat to about Propel programs and projects including the YCulture funding program as well as internships and volunteering opportunities but she’s always willing to offer support and advice over a strong cup of coffee to anyone who asks

Cecile’s pronouns are she / her.


Yoshika Kon

Communications Officer | (08) 9328 5855

Yoshika graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Media & Communications and has many interests and hobbies across arts and culture. You can usually find her reading a book or article, writing on her blog Everyday Weekends taking photos for Instagram, listening to music or watching something on Netflix or YouTube.

Working as a Communications Officer at Propel is a new and exciting thing for her, where she hopes to widen opportunities and platforms for all WA Youth. A keen listener, Yoshika is always open for good conversation over coffee or food.

Yoshika has an internationalised mindset and loves travelling. She also loves her dog more than anything or anyone else.

 Yoshika’s pronouns are she / her.


Karen Connolly

Finance Officer | (08) 9328 5855

Karen is a University of Western Australia arts graduate who has been working as a bookkeeper in the arts industries since 2003. She believes that sustainability is the defining challenge of the Anthropocene, and hopes there is a place for chooks in her future

Karen’s pronouns are she / her.