The Hive: Creative Arts Space. Photo by Rebecca Mansell

The Hive

The Hive was a pilot program created in 2016 to provide a platform for young and emerging multi-disciplinary artists to come together, make work, develop skills and collaborate in a supported environment.

WA’s freshest collaborative arts ensemble

For several years now, Propel has been advocating for a central youth arts space. With overwhelming support from the community, and the encouragement and generosity of the Department of Culture and the Arts, Perth Theatre Trust and State Theatre Centre of WA, we were able to bring you The Hive in 2014.

After a brief hiatus The Hive is back, operating as Perth’s newest collaborative arts ensemble, a first-run initiative which combines the talents of six emerging cross-platform artists.

2016-17 is The Hive's pilot year and first cohort of artists but Propel Youth Arts WA aims to grow the initiative into a sustainable annual model, providing young Western Australian artists with the resources to create bold new work across multiple artforms in the future.

We will look. We will listen. We will be curious. 
We will be vulnerable. We will persist. We are six artists. 
We are HIVE.

Further information

For further information about The Hive ensemble, please call 08 9328 5855 or email or go to