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13 - 20 April 2019

Youth Week WA (formerly National Youth Week WA), is an annual statewide celebration of the positive contributions of young people to our community throughout Western Australia. More than 100 events take place across the State each year, many of which have received a Youth Week WA grant provided by the State Government of Western Australia through the Department of Communities.

Nurture The Now

Below is an explanation from Creative Coordinator Maddie Godfrey about how the Youth Week WA Planning Committee decided on the 2019 theme: Nurture The Now.

To nurture is to ‘care for and protect someone or something while they are growing’. The act of nurturing involves looking after ourselves, our communities and our planet. Nurture can be interpreted as a form of self-care, in which we treat ourselves with softness and compassion.

Nurture The Now places significance on the present tense, and what we are currently conquering. The theme celebrates sustainable growth and encourages young people to validate their achievements and progress right now. By nurturing the now, we affirm the potential for young people to create a positive impact during their current stage of growth. 

As stated by our Youth Week WA Planning Committee member Miranda (14); being a seedling or a sapling is equally important as being a fully bloomed plant. By celebrating these stages of growth, we aim to approach youth itself as a quality to be celebrated, rather than a burden or obstacle that must be overcome.

This idea of being present in our current stage is furthered by Youth Week WA’s 2019 focus on process over product.

By celebrating the ways which we develop, rather than prioritising a specific outcome, Nurture The Now illuminates the ideas of gradual inspiration and patient creation. As young people, we want to disregard expectations around success and finality. Instead of this – we give ourselves permission to thrive at our own pace. We are proud of our processes and motivated to share our passions with the people around us.

During Youth Week WA 2019, join us in celebrating and showcasing youth as a stage of growth which deserves to be nurtured.

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