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Are you ready to transform your arts practice into a successful project or creative enterprise? Amplifier is a business guide, online resource, and workshop forum series designed to equip emerging artists with the confidence, skills and know-how to make sure their arts venture thrives!

What is Amplifier?

Amplifier was first conceived as a workshop forum series aimed at improving the arts business skills of young and emerging artists and arts workers in WA; to help give the skills to make their practice or project commercially viable.

Propel realised that this type of information needed to be available on an ongoing basis and hence Amplifier: the Arts Business Guide for Creative People was published in 2013 and is still available to download as a PDF here (just right click and hit “Save Link As…”). This publication was developed by Propel and funded by the Ian Potter Foundation.

Additionally, Propel has also recorded a series of Amplifier Art Talks, which are industry forums that cover a variety of topics including: how to get your work out there, how to interact with curators and programmers, how to optimise tax breaks and funding, promotion, pushing artistic boundaries, and ethics within the arts industry.

In 2018, Propel has taken some of the key elements from the 2013 publication and turned this into an ongoing and developing online educational module, which you can check out below.

Want to learn more?

Click the banners below for access to the online educational module, the Amplifier Art Talk videos, and for access to the original 2013 publication!