Volunteer at Propel

image by Umairah Murtaza

image by Umairah Murtaza

Love the arts? Want to learn more about Perth’s art scene? Why not become a Propel volunteer! Propel relies on its team of wonderful volunteers and interns to help out at key events each year, such as the KickstART Festival and Mosaic.

By registering to be a volunteer, you will join our database. Each time we have a volunteering opportunity such as internships or event staff positions, we notify this database and you will be invited to apply for the advertised position. Volunteers play a huge part in helping us to bring our events to fruition and can help you to gain experience in a wide variety of areas including project management, admin, marketing and more.

We now have an online facebook group that Propel volunteers past, current and future can join!

If you have facebook here’s a link to join http://bit.ly/Propelvolunteers