Informal Exhibition Spaces

Hiring a space that isn’t necessarily set up to be a gallery can be difficult and there are a lot of considerations to make, however you might find that it’s the best way to move forward and edge your way into exhibiting.

If you decide on taking this route you’ll need to ensure that the hire agreement covers all bases and that you won’t be doing anything that is against the law or that may jeopardise your credibility in the industry. Some of the questions you will need to think about include:

 Do you need a liquor license for the venue?

Will you be selling all of the work on display?

What prices will you be charging?

How much do you need to sell to cover your overhead costs?

Do you have the necessary public liability insurance?

How will you market the exhibition?

How much time will you need for installation / de-installation?

In addition to hiring a space there are lots of other ways to start exhibiting your work. Try asking local cafes or community festivals if they might be willing to display some of your work – sometimes they might already be involved in small exhibitions and it can be a good way to get your work out there, even if you don’t end up selling anything.

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