Working From Home

Working from home is another possible space to work on your project. If you are motivated enough to make it work then you might just be able to have the best of both worlds in the one place!

Working from home can give you the freedom to be flexible with your hours as you aren’t at the mercy of building opening times or other access restrictions, but it can also be difficult to stay motivated with distractions such as housemates, housework or television. 

Before you set up a home work environment consider the following:

What can you afford? 

If you’re just starting out you might not have the money to be able to rent a space away from home. Working from home can cut down on your expenditure; however, if you do not work effectively at home, it might not be worth the extra savings.

Where do you work best?

Will you be productive if you work at home, or will you find the distractions overwhelming? If you are going to work from home you will need to have a lot of self-discipline to get work completed.

Are you prepared for this working environment?

Make sure your home has the potential to also function as an office. Will you have the capacity to set up a dedicated space for your work? Where will you meet clients? Catching up at the local café may work, but bringing someone into your workspace can often be a great way to illustrate what you do.

Will you have set working hours?

If you work from home it can be just as easy to work long hours as it can to work  minimal hours. Working from home can sometimes affect that delicate balance between your work and personal life, so be prepared to enforce your own breaks and rest periods.

The most important thing to remember when considering where to work is how you like to operate. Only you will be able to make the best decision for your practice and as long as you’ve thought about all of the options then you’ll be able to find the kind of inspiring, productive space you need to keep yourself going.

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