YCulture Metro 2016 Projects

Drug Aware: Somebody Like Me (Music Video)

Will Mattock & Daniel Todorov | $3000

Lead by aspiring filmmakers Will and Daniel, along with a production crew of young and equally talented individuals the team filmed a music video for singer Vanessa Hopes as well as held a screening and launch event. The project was developed for the participants to build their skills and create networking opportunities. Will and Daniel were also able to build upon their experience from the SAY project, a WA Police initiative which the boys placed 1st in 2014.

I'm proud to have had the opportunity to work on the project and with the others, who taught me many things throughout the whole experience. – Lara Annakin, participant.  

Auspice Organisation: FTI

Drug Aware… Illuminations

Bridget Bathgate & Indi Ranson | $3000

Illuminations provided the opportunity for five emerging WA artists to exhibit their work in a curated event. The exhibition took place as part of Grr Nights, an eco- theatre collaboration between SJ Finch and the Blue Room Theatre, and was involved in Fringe World 2016. Responding to the theme ‘illuminations’ exhibiting artists were asked to create a new work that makes use of electricity. This electricity was provided to each work via a bicycle generator and was innovatively powered by visiting gallery patrons throughout the day.

The project has hopefully influenced how the Perth Youth Arts community will understand sustainability in relation to their work. - Bridget and Indi, project organisers

Auspice Organisation: Paper Mountain 

Drug Aware creative development of ‘Milk, Moonlight’ and ‘Jet Thrust and Blushes’

Michelle Aitken & Ellen- Hope Thomson | $2753

A project developed by two emerging dancers, ‘Milk, Moonlight’ and ‘Jet Thrust and Blushes’ engaged other young dancers to use their creativity and imagination to develop performances taking inspiration from material sourced from images and from various books. Michelle and Ellen-Hope each lead a small group to explore choreography and design, and were able to produce two unique performances at the Chapel Space in North Perth.

It was exciting to see the showing because it showed me what I could do in the future. The two pieces were really different and I hope both of them follow through with presenting at Fringeworld next year!, Rhiana Katz – attendant

Auspice Organisation: Ausdance WA

Drug Aware Time in Motion

Lily Stanbury & Tobias Mulcahy | $3000 

This project provided a chance for 20 students of the Youth Ballet WA, between the ages of 16 and 19 to get hands on experience in working with a new choreographer recently graduated from WAAPA, and allowed an insight for any students wishing to follow a career in professional dance. With the mentorship of their choreographer the students developed and presented a full-length piece for their families and the wider community within Youth Ballet WA.

The Youth Ballet Program is grateful to be a part of such an amazing program. Propel has been a part of Youth Ballet for a long time now and it gets more and more exciting when the opportunity rises to join again

Auspice Organisation: Youth Ballet WA

Drug Aware presents Youth Move

Shaun Johnston & Lily Baitup | $3000 

This project was run by year 11 and 12 students at Mt Lawley Senior High School. It involved contemporary theatre workshops and showcases with a focus on physical theatre and a devised production demonstrating the skills developed in the workshops. Influenced by the teachings of Jacques Lecoq and theatre companies such as Complicite and Theatre du Soleil, the students were able to experiment with different forms of story telling as well as learn key project management skills.

The Youth Move! Program gave me great tools in physical theatre practices to implement in the future… definitely impacted my growth as an artist. – Ben Taylor, participant

 Auspice Organisation: STRUT Dance Inc.

Drug Aware - Choice Velocity

Daisy Sanders & Elle Evangelista | $2,889  

Creative Director Daisy Sanders led an investigation into the big questions about the progression of the human race through school workshops and a two-week dance residency at The Chapel Space in North Perth. With producer Elle Evangelista and a group of young artists they were able to stimulate conversation about societal concerns and engage young people in contemporary dance, creating both choreographed and improvised works. 

I’ve been very inspired by this process and absolutely loved the imaginative side of it, especially opening up all the possibilities of speed in the body and mind.- Tanya Brown, Participant.

Auspice Organisation, Ausdance

Drug Aware Swan Volume

Rheannan Graham & Anabelle Kirouac | $3000

Swan Volume provided a platform for six young local bands to showcase their music. In an area where there is limited opportunity for young bands to perform on a stage or gain resources to develop their music this project supported these musicians giving them access to professional equipment and a live audience. Leading up to this event was a free art sculpting workshop for young people to utilise their creativity and learn new techniques using clay.

It was a great opportunity for my band and we so were excited when we were asked to play! It was also great for us to meet other bands and connect over our interests and experiences. - Nahdarin Yahya, Band member

 Auspice Organisation: Parkerville

Drug Aware creative development of Unicornia

Phoebe Sullivan & Adrienne Patterson | $3000  

This project was a weeklong creative development for a theatre work intended for full-length public performance in 2017. It consisted of collaborative workshops with artists and a final showing of the work with industry peers and professionals. As young theatre makers approaching graduation, a creative development intensive allowed the project organisers and creative team to develop their practice as professional artists and continue to develop independent art.

It was great to see the working-progress of the group. Hopefully we have helped them. It’s exciting and fun to experience raw work/ material. – attendant.

Auspice Organisation: Blue Room Theatre

Drug Aware presents the creative development of The Trembling Giant

Monty Sallur & Sean Guastavino | $3000

The development of The Trembling Giant took place in preparation for it’s showing at the Blue Room Theatre. Constructed around the theme of humanity versus nature, the project was written and directed by Monty Sallur and produced by Sean Guastvino. As well as with the combined talents of various young actors and production crew, the showing of the development was a clear success that led to an acclaimed August season at the Blue Room Theatre. Both Monty and Sean are on their way to becoming successful young artists and certainly ones to keep en eye out for in the future.

We had a very willing and generous team who were passionate about the work and I think the mentorship was a particular success. Sean Guastavino, Project organiser

Auspice Organisation: Blue Room Theatre

Drug Aware Young Singers in Harmony, a cappella workshop 

Rachel Singer and Lionel Pierson | $3000

The Baden Street Singers are a youth run a cappella group and were Young Singers in Harmony National Chorus Champions in both 2015 and 2016. Rachel and Lionel as well as other members of The Baden Street Singers, ran a day long a cappella workshop aimed at high school students to teach them various singing techniques and introduce youth to the performing arts and musical community in Perth. This project also successfully built the leadership and mentoring experience for the young artists involved.

This day changed my life! I loved singing bass in the girls only song! Please do another workshop day soon! – Bethany Wilkinson, participant

Auspice Organisation: Vocal Evolution

CathARTic presented by Drug Aware

Ned Reilly & Megan Riley | $3000  

During Mental Health Week, visual artists Ned and Megan from Deadline Arts developed a project for youth to explore mental health in a creative and engaging way. This involved having fellow young artists participate in a weeklong residency and hold artistic seminars held throughout the week. This culminated in a gallery display of installations and art pieces that were created in each of the workshops, each addressing a particular aspect of mental health issues in society. 

One the work was up…we realised how important this concept actually was and the effect it had on our participants.-  Ned Reilly, project organiser

Auspice Organisation: Artsource 

Drug Aware presents Unknown Outcomes

Hope O’Brien & Cameron Halliday | $3000  

In just twelve short hours fifteen Specialist, Visual and Performing Arts (SVAPA) program students from Years 7 to 9 at Mount Lawley Senior High School devised and performed a new creative drama work, "Unknown Outcomes" which was performed in the school's Tricycle Theatre, for members of the school and local community. Throughout the day, three artists were brought in to facilitate poetry, story telling and rapping workshops for the students, with the individual outcomes of each of these workshops were devised into a production of self-expression and sharing of personal stories.

Facilitated by some of Perth's leading storytelling artists, Barefaced Stories, Mathus, and Said Poets Society this workshop was an accessible way to give the students the opportunity to tell their story and share their own experience of the world. – Mark Storen, Creative Director Propel Youth Arts.

Auspice Organisation: Globe Town Project

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