YCulture Metro 2017 Projects

Well Mannered Development presented by Drug Aware

Sam Maclean & Haydon Wilson | $3000

The project was a creative development intensive for “Well Mannered” aimed at experimenting with design elements within the show and honing in on the show’s dramaturgy and devising process through mentorship. Following the showing of the development, Well Mannered, successfully débuted at the Blue Room Theatre in their January season. 

“I thought it was great to see what everyone was able to achieve in such a short period of time in terms of construction and costume! I’m even more interested to see what the final product looks like as a result.” – Development attendant

Auspice Organisation: Blue Room Theatre

Drug Aware development of fuite pt. deux

Anneliese Kirk & Scott Galbraith | $3000

Fuite pt. deux was part of a double bill of new dance works that premiered at the end of January 2017 in The Blue Room Theatre. The work was formed in collaboration with a choreographer, two dancers, an actress and composer to create a culminating fusion of contemporary dance, spoken word and music.

“The networking and direct feedback opportunities that the project provided were invaluable. It was also great to be able to work on the project each day and grow as a collective.” – Anneliese Kirk, Project organiser and choreographer.

Auspice organisation: Ausdance WA

Badger & Kit Write The Best Love Song Ever – presented by Drug Aware

Anne Marie Biagioni & Michael Biagioni | $3000

This show, developed and performed by brother/sister duo “Badger and Kit” was featured in the 2017 Perth Fringe Festival. The production was a semi-autobiographical play with songs, featuring original music that explored the various constructions of love in an intimate relationship. Performing in sold out shows and earning a critical nod after becoming a nominee for the Fringe World Award, we look forward to seeing what Badger and Kit have in store for the future.

“Hands down my favourite Fringe show. The writing and music complemented each other to make a beautiful, laugh out loud, honest show that got straight to the core of family and love.” – audience member

Auspice organisation: Corbett Hollyoak Productions Inc.  

Articulate presented by Drug Aware

Elizabeth Ledger & Kira Pannek | $2708

Articulate Arts project was organised by Cambridge Youth Network in partnership with Cambridge Youth Services. The project is focused on visual arts and developing the skills of young artists through workshop sessions followed by public art exhibitions at the Cambridge Street Festival and the Exposure Festival. Articulate provided a great opportunity for young people to showcase their talent within their local community and to further develop their skills in order to pursue a future in the area of visual arts.

 “We were very happy with the attendance for the workshop. The participants were able to up-skill themselves through practicing their art and learning some new techniques. The exhibition also went well and we will attempt to make it bigger and better for next time” – Elizabeth and Kira project organisers

Auspice organisation: Perth Inner City Youth Service

Drug Aware Swan Volume

Annabelle Kirouac & Rheannan Graham | $3000 

Drug Aware Swan Volume is a drug and alcohol free event aimed at young people aged 12 -20 years. It is an annual event led by youth to provide an opportunity for six young local bands to showcase their music to a live audience and offer an exploration of youth culture through a unique and accessible art project. Prior to the main event two free creative art workshops are also held to encourage young people to develop creative skills alongside an established artist.

“All young people who participated in Drug Aware Swan Volume are positively rewarded and acknowledged by the Seen and Heard Program for their outstanding contribution and skills to the event. Seen and Heard believes this positive reinforcement is an essential aspect of the event as it aims to increase the young people’s self-worth and confidence.” – Annabelle & Rheannan, Project organisers  

Auspice organisation: Parkerville Children and Youth Care

Imprints presented by Drug Aware

Sarah Chaffey & Charity Ng | $3000 

This project involved a two-week residency at Westcity Church in Wembly, to develop a contemporary dance work called Imprints, followed by a guest invited showing at King Street Arts Centre. The development largely focused on integrating lighting and sound design into Sarah and Charity’s choreographic process as well as utilising a mentor to guide the artistic practice as emerging dance makers and performers.

"As young artists, it was a rewarding challenge to work with practitioners from other mediums. We challenged ourselves to consider how the elements fit together in a choreographic work, and practiced skills in communicating with our artistic team."

- Sarah and Charity, Project organisers

 Auspice organisation: AusDance WA

Ru (//) Cercle – presented by Drug Aware

 Zal Kanga-Parabia & Laura Strobech | $3000

Ru (//) Cercle was an intimate musical performance performed in the 2017 Perth Fringe Festival. As well as being able to debut the band and music of Ru in Fringe, the project was also developed to offer mentoring for young people to learn skills in lighting, sound and photography. With their unique ethereal sound Ru have since performed in Propel’s own KickstART festival and Fairbridge Festival to high acclaim – be sure to catch these guys in their next show! 

“Although we were nominated for a prestigious award (we really did not expect that at all), our most memorable times were the...realisation that together as a team we were able to comfortably create a show and work as artists… and achieve something that in our current society is constantly said to be too difficult to do without a large backing.” –Zal Kanga-Parabia, project organiser.

Auspice organisation: Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia

Arteries by Ancestry development presented by Drug Aware

James McMillan & Samantha Maclean | $3000  

Arteries by Ancestry Development was a week of intensive exploration into the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration, culminating in a showing and discussion between emerging dancers and theatre makers. The final content and development was performed for an invited audience in the interest of seeking feedback on and critical engagement with the work. Following the development project the team were able to produce a highly successful show for the Blue Room Theatre's August - December Season 2017.

“Having the opportunity to have Rachel Ogle in the room to mentor not only James but both performers for a few hours every day of the development, meant that a lot of fantastic work got done that I can see directly impacted the final performance outcome.” – Project Organiser, Samantha Maclean.

Auspice organisation: Blue Room Theatre

Laika: a staged radio play development presented by Drug Aware

Scott McArdle & Andrew David | $3000

Laika is a new play by Scott McArdle & Second Chance Theatre. Told from the perspective of a female flight technician, the play charts the historical events of the USSR and speculates at the many gaps in the history books. The work is devised in the form of a staged radio play, a style rarely used on stage and over the one-week long development, Scott and Andrew’s aims were to further the script and production elements of the show so it is prepared for a potential debut on the independent theatre stage.

“As a young artist, I’m constantly learning and re-evaluating my practice- this opportunity allowed me to really focus on my craft as a writer, as well as learning from older more experienced artists and incorporating their feedback” – Scott McArdle, project organiser

Auspice organisation: The Blue Room Theatre

Interrupting a Crisis development presented by Drug Aware

Georgina Cramond & Rachael Woodward | $3000

Interrupting a crisis is a new script written by Georgina Cramond, telling a true story of a young woman living with anxiety who uses song-writing as a way of freeing herself from the chaos of her mind. Prior to a sell out season at the Blue Room the applicants applied through Drug Aware YCulture metro for a 2-week development period of the work, followed by a private showing for industry professionals and peers.

“This project allowed for a lot of growth in professional and personal development for myself, learning from Andrea Gibbs, I felt like I greatly expanded on my storytelling skills and developed stronger performance skills through her experience in workshopping and performing personal stories.” – Georgina Cramond, project organiser

Auspice organisation: Blue Room Theatre

Hypatia presented by Drug Aware

Liz Newell & Courtney Turner | $2944

'Hypatia' is an original work of devised physical theatre which has been accepted into The Blue Room Theatre's Aug - Dec 2017 program. Created and presented by independent theatre makers The Open Lid Ensemble, this work explores the inspiring life and tragic death of Hypatia of Alexandria, the Ancient Greek mathematician, astronomer and philosopher. The Drug Aware YCulture program was able to support the development of the show's production design, costume and sound, as well as the implementation of a professional and engaging marketing campaign.

“Being afforded the time, space and funding to take bigger creative risks than we have in the past was a huge benefit of this project for the Ensemble in particular. The chance the Ensemble had to work with the support of a full creative and administrative team for the first time, as well as with guidance from professional mentors imparted theatre-making techniques” – Project Organiser, Liz Newell

Auspice organisation: Maiden Voyage Productions Pty. Ltd.

Drug Aware: Youth Move II

Shaun Johnston & Trent Foo | $3000  

Youth Move II was a project offering a series of Contemporary theatre workshops led by mentor Jay Emmanuel. The participants were selected from Mount Lawley SHS and St. George’s Anglican Grammar School, and with a focus on physical theatre the workshops were designed to prepare audition monologues, work on fundamental movement training for performance, exploring different forms of story telling and more.

Following the workshops all participants were involved in an informal showing presented to their peers, family and industry professionals.

“The range of participants allowed greater diversity of dynamic in the workspace. The collision of artists from high schools, universities and some emerging artists fostered an environment where we could all learn from each other.” – Project Organiser, Shaun Johnston

Auspice Organisation: St Georges Foundation of the Arts

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